About Us

We love to cook at home and we love to cook using our oven.
And there was a time when we thought we didn't need a food thermometer...

Every make of oven is different, they have different characteristics. A 180°C setting will not automatically translate to the same elsewhere.
Which makes it tough if you are trying to follow a recipe (e.g. put it into the oven at 180°C for 30 minutes), not to mention the variable size/weight of meat to be cooked. This results in a few attempts before getting the cooking right.
We could still live with this learning phase except when it comes to roasting whole turkeys, until...

Perfect Steaks : Reverse Searing
We love our steaks and an ability to make them at home without too much hassle was too much to resist.
Steaks are usually an adhoc thing for us, we feel like having one, get it from a butcher and bring it home to cook.
The best way to achieve this (for us) is through the reverse searing method.
In order to get the perfect temperature, we needed a food thermometer. However, we could not find a reliable and locally supported brand and that was when we saw this on Amazon.

What more could we ask for? Top ratings and reviews from Amazon users.
So here we are, as ThermoPro's Authorised Distributor in Singapore, hoping to spread the love (and ease) of cooking.